LNJ get to know …

This week we interview the great Tony Harnell.

Tony can you tell us where can people go to find more about you?

tonyharnell.com, starbreakerband.com, and tnttheband.com

Rumor has it TNT is back in the studio recording their follow-up to the highly acclaimed "My Religion." Where is it being recorded? What kind of sound can we expect?

This is true. We have written all the songs. Four are mixed and the recording continues as does a bit of writing. It is being recorded at both Ronni's studio in Norway and the vocals here in New York.

You recently released an amazing Melodic Metal record called "Starbreaker." How did you get involved in this project and is this a one-time thing?

No, it's a band and I am really proud of this album. It was one of those beautiful accidents. It just kind of happened and we're going with it.

Recently you flew to the great metropolis of Peoria, Ill. to record vocals for the new Liberty n' Justice CD. How did you get involved in this project and what type of song can we expect?

You tell me. :) I was contacted by Justin Murr who is the mastermind of the project and he presented me with a great song and I went for it cause I liked the song.

The first night in Peoria, going from the recording studio to the hotel, you and Justin had a run in with the "fuzz." What happened? Was it something to do with your Xeroxed drivers license?

No, I believe that it had to do with Justin's revoked license, actually. I have my valid New York state license and the nice lady police officer thought it looked funny, but I can assure you it is real!

Speaking of Peoria, what would you say is the biggest difference with Mexican restaurants beween it and New York?

NOT BAD. Big drinks for cheap prices! Oh my god. The biggest margarita I ever saw. Oh and people think New York is rude, the waitress didn't't even ask us nicely to leave, they just turned the lights off. HOW RUDE!

The last of Tony Harnell …

Last CD you bought

The Mars Volta

Last time you wished you had not gone to Peoria


Last song you wrote

Driving for the new TNT album

Last movie you bought on pay-per-view in a hotel

Nuns gone bad!

Last time you spoke with Dee Snider

A few weeks ago.

Last time someone told you they sold 20 million records

Can't recall. You?

Last time you played live in The States

2002, I think, with Westworld.

Last time someone emailed you about singing on "their" project


Last time you thought this interview was a poor metal-sludge rip off


You recently said this was a busy year for you. What all do you having coming out? When can we expect a solo record from you?

Solo album-not sure. Soon I hope, before I explode! The rest, please go to my site and check it all out to save me from repeating it all! It's all good and, of course, Starbreaker is my baby right now.

Tony you've had a great career so far, releasing some great albums. Which CD are you most proud of and why?

"My Religion," "Transistor," and "Starbreaker." All for different reasons. But mainly that they push me out of the box people like to put me in and for that I am proud.

Back in the 80's you were managed by Doc McGhee, who was also managing groups like Kiss and Bon Jovi. Why did your band (TNT) not explode like the other bands he was managing? Seems to me that you were making records just as good as the rest of them.

I think he signed us to make sure we didn't get in the way, actually. I just had a conversation with someone which sort of confirmed that. That was a bad experience, like music-biz nightmare clichˇ 101. Drugs everywhere and no management to be found.

Spiritually what do you believe?

I believe that we are all spiritual beings, not bodies. I believe we are responsible for our lives and that the way we think affects what happens to us. I don't believe in luck or fate or that someone else has control. I believe that we make the bed we lie in, good or bad. And I believe that is a great thing. I can go on, but I will refrain.

After meeting you, one thing I respect about you is that you are a perfectionist. Given that, how hard are you on yourself and does this allow you to get "the best" out of you and your performances?

Sometimes. On a bad day I get frustrated, but yes, I think more than being a perfectionist, I am just looking for the magic performance, whatever that means.

Back in the day, you were on tour with Stryper. Got any Stryper stories to tell?

They were great guys, very supportive and always respectful and cool. A great tour actually.

What does 2005 and beyond hold for the musician Tony Harnell?

Positive forward movement!

And finally, it's time for a LNJ word association. We mention a name or thing, and you give us your thoughts:

Stephen Pearcey (RATT)

Met him twice and he seems really cool.

Sebastion Bach (Skid Row)

There is no one like him.

Jani Lane (Warrant)

Never met him that I recall, maybe once before they were big.

Mike Layne (Liberty n' Justice producer)

Excellent guy, great producer and very patient. :)

Lou Gramm (Foreigner)

He is one of my all time favorite singers. I love his Tremendous voice. The first two albums remind me of junior high school. I'm really dating myself now, huh?

Mark Slaughter (Slaughter)

Don't know him, not really a fan.

Peter Loran (Trixter)

Who is that, the singer? I know Steve and PJ and they are great guys.

Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)

Never met him. Amazing player, an innovator.

Don Dokken (Dokken)

Nice guy and I really liked their early albums a lot.

CJ Snare (Firehouse)

Met him once. Cool guy.